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Multi Info LCD / Climate Control / Touchscreen Repair

Multi Info LCD / Climate Control / Touchscreen Repair

The days of the traditional rotary control dial & push buttons are certainly numbered .

Todays vehicles are so advanced with so much to offer the driver in the areas of comfort , entertainment & connectivity , these older display units cannot accommodate this level of technology .

Multi function displays now carry a host of information .Climate control , entertainment , navigation , cloud connectivity, vehicle settings etc. are all now gathered in one large LCD screen .

Touchscreen allows the user full access to scroll & navigate all the functions & features we are now spoilt with .

However …..these Multi info displays can fail !And when they do , they can be very expensive to replace LCDs can become distorted , with the text illegible . Lines & spillage like areas can appear on the screen .
Touchscreens can become slow & eventually unresponsive to touch rendering the Info screen non-functional .

We can o(er a repair service for many of these Multi info LCDs & Touchscreens .

Saving you hundreds of Euros on expensive replacement screens .

Call us today with your vehicle & fault details

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