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In Car Audio


todays car audio systems are both sophisicated& complex . not only do they give the driver an excellent quailty sound but nowdays can supply a whole host of additional information such as aux &usb in , bluetooth connectivity , smartphone compatibility , sat nav and much more ……

touchscreen audio systems are the future with most car manufacturers , with many now intergrating online connectivity to the cloud and other wi fi services .

as the demand from consumers change , so do the functions & options available as manufacturers compete to be the leader in bringing you the latest cutting edge technology in car audio .

leading car manufacturers now intergrate audio systems so much that it becomes an intergral part of the vehicles electronics . most can-bus &fibre optic signals that run thoughout your vehicle are directly connected to the audio system , therfore should you audio system become defective for any reason …………many faults and issues can now be present in your vehicle ……….

dealers will advise that the faulty audio unit be replaced immediately . some of these units can cost over 1000euros !! also , many units are now coded to your vehcile , therfore , a software programming is required to activate your unit ……costing you more hard earned cash .

but there is an alternative !

we at kc systems have been repairing in car audio for over 20 years now .

gone are the days of cassette tapes , where we would be repairing a stereo that dragged a tape ……….and slowly the days of cds skipping are been numbered now .

nowadays , we see many highly intergrated audio systems supporting bluetooth , sat nav& smartphone connected units for repair .

commom failures have not changed though ………..

  • not turning on
  • not tuning into radio stations
  • not playing cd
  • not ejecting cd
  • not connecting to phone
  • no sound
  • not illuminating
  • skipping tracks or only playing certain tracks
  • multi cd changers not playing
  • and many many more faults , too numerous to mention.

in addition to our full repair service , we also recode 99% of car audio fitted to all the manufacturers vehciles .

2nd hand units can be coded and cloned aswell to replace exsisting faulty head units .

saving you time & money on expensive new units .

if your audio displays any of the below …………….we can help !

  • code in
  • wait
  • secure

_ _ _ _

  • lock 10
  • locked
  • security

For all enquiries simply click on repair form to your right. We shall reply will a cost estimate to repair the fault and turnaround time.

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