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ECU Remapping & Chip Tuning

ECU Remapping & Chip Tuning

Whether you drive for business or pleasure , a KC Systems remap will enhance your vehicle giving you endless driving pleasure throughout its lifetime . Our remaps unleash the hidden power of your vehicle , flat spots are removed & the power gains from 1st right through to top gears are both impressive & additive .

As allways , fuel is more & more expensive every time you fill up . Our remaps give a potential return of 8-10 mpg saving on your vehicle . This important factor should be seriously considered as the intial cost of the remap service can be returned to your pocket within weeks or months pending on miles/kms covered .

Our remapping service is used by commercial businesses throughout Ireland .Taxis , Couriers , Sales Reps , self employed tradespeople , local authority & county council vehicles etc. have all benefited from our remaps .
Within the agrisector , we can remap vans , jeeps & SUVs for greater towing power .

We see many motorhomes & campers throughout the spring/summer months . These vehicles respond very well to remapping as their excessive weight is usually a factor on the struggling engine power . Our remap releases more power to the engine and its now in a better position to challenge those long European motorways , yet again saving you on expensive fuel .

Based in Watergrasshill Co. Cork , we have over 12yrs experience in the tuning industry . We can remap 99% of vehicles using the very latest tuning software . Would you trust your vehicle with anyone else ??

So what you need to ask yourself is ………………………….what am i waiting for ?

Below we have listed the most common questions customers have asked us over the years


ECU remapping / chip tuning is basically fine tuning the software program that controls your engine management system (ECU). Today’s modern engines rely heavily on computer controlled engine management systems. Basically each engine has an array of sensors which monitor lots of things such as throttle position, crank position, airflow , fuel pressure , boost etc. These signals are sent to the Engine Control Unit (ECU), which processes the information received to give the best engine performance for any given driving condition.

Ecu remapping / Chip Tuning refers to changing or modifying the data within the memory device ( EPROM , flash chip , micro processor ) in a vehicles electronic control unit (ECU) to achieve better performance, whether it be for more power, more torque , smoother acceleration , cleaner emissions, or better fuel economy.

By modifying the software on your vehicles ECU it is possible to improve engine performance, increase the power of your engine, decrease fuel consumption and therefore your vehicle is more economical to run. This optimization of your vehicles ecu can give you great rewards by overcoming the compromises made by the engine manufacturers. Most manufacturers make compromises or dumb down performance settings with their vehicles to allow for different fuel qualities, different weather conditions etc. Below are some reasons why manufacturer do not give your vehicle its optimal performance settings when it leaves the factory:

  • Huge differences in fuel quality from country to country
  • Different rules relating to emissions
  • Seather conditions (extreme heat or cold weather)
  • Altitude on which a vehicle is driven
  • Different driving styles from driver to driver
  • What this means is that a vehicles ECU is never optimised for one individual country or driver .

How is ECU remapping done ?

Ok , here is what we can do for you ………to simplify it ,we will read your ECUs map file either by removing & stripping your ecu or downloading your ECU file through your vehicles diagnostic port , modify it and then upload it back to the ECU. We allways take the time to find out your own individual requirements and what you want to achieve from a remap. We will then tailor the map to suit before it is uploaded back to the ECU.

What kind of improvements can I expect?

You will notice an improvement in power and torque immediately right throughout the rev range, along with the possibility of improved fuel economy. See below for a general idea of average improvements for different engin.


Petrol (non-turbo) By remapping a normally aspirated engine ECU, you would normally expect to see a 10 – 15% increase in power (bhp) depending on your exact engine specification, and around a 15 – 20% increase in torque (Nm) throughout the rev range. This improves engine response on a lighter throttle.

Petrol (turbo)By installing a modified engine ECU map on to a turbo engine you would normally expect to achieve around a 20 – 30% increase in power (bhp), with an increase in torque of around 20 – 40% depending on your engine specification. The large increases in both power and torque will greatly improve the engine flexibility in all gears and throughout the rev range.

Diesel (turbo) Remapping a diesel turbo ECU normally sees the greatest gains of any engine type. Typically you will achieve an increase of 25 – 50% power (bhp) and around a 50 – 75% increase in torque depending on your engine specification. The engine response is greatly improved throughout the whole rev range and in all gears. Diesel engines are well known for providing huge amounts of torque and in gear performance. A remapped modern turbo diesel engine has the ability to embarrass many petrol engine cars under normal driving conditions

What are the benefits ?

By remapping your ECU it is easily possible to release extra power and torque from your engine without any reliability issues. Most vehicles enjoy improved fuel economy post remap . Be aware that although many customers experience improved fuel economy, this depends on your own driving style and how heavy your right foot is !! The increase in power and torque that is gained using ECU remapping provides a much smoother drive, with increased flexibility throughout the rev range, allowing for smoother acceleration and better overtaking.

Is warranty affected ?

As our remapping is only a software modification to your ECU ,is is totally undetectable to dealer tools therefore your manufacturers warranty is unaffected . By saving all your original files on our database your vehicle can be reversed at any time to its original state at no extra cost .

PLEASE NOTE : some latest generation ECUs are locked to flash tuning , therefore removal & stripping of your ECU on our bench is necessary . We endeavour to remove & strip your ECU with minimum physical interference ……..however naturally some evidence may be visible on close inspection .

We will a make you fully aware of this before we proceed ………………as allways ……….the choice will be yours !

How long does it take ?

This whole process can take from 20mins to a full day pending on make , model & year . All our remapping is done in-house in our workshop in Watergrasshill , Co. Cork . Most diagnostic tuning remaps can be carried out while you wait ……

Will it damage my vehicle ?

If your vehicle has no underlying issues or problems , our remaps will not cause any damage to your vehicle ( see risks & guarantees ).

Will my vehicle pass NCT/DOE ?

Yes .

Emissions are unaffected by our remapping services

Will I need to inform my insurance company ?

Read the small print ………you are legally obliged to declare ALL modifications that are outside of the manufacturers standard package

We can supply you with a full printout of all work carried out to your vehicle ……this includes original and tuned BHP & TORQUE values .

Why choose KC SYSTEMS ?

There are many companies out there offering what seem like value for money ECU remapping services. At rock bottom prices . Most of these companies use stock files (maps) that are cheaply available through the internet or other sources and are NOT tailored to your own individual requirements. These can actually damage your engine as they are not specific to your vehicle. Tuning files from unknown sources are potentially lethal to your vehicle and could posiibly cause serious damage

1 ) We only use world leading tuning hardware .

Our tuning systems have a proven track record in quality &reliability .manufactured in Germany , Italy and Holland ………..these are serious tuning devices …………..not Chinese clones purchased on ebay !

2 )Our tuning files have been tried & tested by both ourselves and our software providers . Our files are of the highest quality delivering every time on power &economy .

3 ) Over 12 years of experience ………….this is something you cannot buy . it comes with years of listening to customers needs …………it comes with seeing so many changes in the tuning industry …………it comes with actually stripping and understanding each ECU and its limits …….it comes with time .

4 ) Price ……………we allways deliver on value for money . 0ur prices are fair and reasonable , delivering you our valued customer value for money everytime…….others may be cheaper , but as with all products & services ………you get what you pay for !!

How much does ECU remapping / chip tuning cost ?

Cost can vary on each vehicle , as some vehicles can be remapped diagnostically , others need to have their ECU removed & stripped on our bench therefore alot more time is involved .typically most vehicles cost 225-350 euro to remap .

Cannot travel to us ??

For our customers both nationally &internationally , we can also remap most ECUs on our bench . this option saves you time and money is travelling from long distances .

All that is required is for you to safely remove your ECU from the vehicle and send to us via post or courier .your ECU will be tuned within 24hrs and returned to you next day . please contact us prior to removal for advice & assistance over the phone .

Risks & guarantees

Unlike other tuning companies…….we tell you as it is .

As with all vehicle modifications , there can be risks . The negative affects( if any ) are totally dependent on your vehicles condition .

Components & parts …for example …clutch , turbo , boost pressure sensors , air/vacuum hoses , DPFs , EGRs etc. can appear fully functional and working 100% under normal conditions .

However , when remapped these components are now working at a higher rate therefore any wear currently present but not detected , can now become highlighted as the extra workrate in increased .

We have remapped many cars with over 250k miles on them without issues ………..we also have remapped vehicles with 50-80k kms ………and within weeks can show signs of clutch slip & DPF issues .

We can only take your word that your vehicle is in good condition …………any vehicle with underlining issues should be repaired & returned to full working condition before remapping .

With that in mind …………our guarantee solely rests on the remap itself . with over 12 years in the tuning industry ….working closely with Tuning companies in both Germany & the UK , we guarantee our remaps are 100% tried and tested ……..delivering on the quoted BHP & TORQUE values everytime .



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