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ECU Immobiliser delete & cloning

ECU Immobiliser delete & cloning

Immobiliser Delete (Free Running)

Suspect you may have immobiliser problems or an immobiliser fault of some kind?
There are many things that can go wrong with your immobiliser. Common symptoms include:

  • Car wont start and the immobiliser light is on or flashing
  • Car starts then stops

Immobiliser problems can occur for many reasons – key fobs that have lost their coding, key fobs with lost transponder chips, damaged or corroded wiring, faulty engine ECU or faulty immobiliser ECU, faulty sensors and actuators, faulty BSI Units, damaged receiver rings and more.

If you have an immobiliser problem or fault then we can help.

We can help by removing the immobiiser function from your ECU. This means the vehicle will no longer need a coded key for the starting of the vehicle.

We will retain your vehicle information therefore there is no coding needed when you receive your ECU back, its all plug and play.

Now , your vehicle will run immobiliser free and will not have any immo related issues in the future .


In addition to our Immobiliser Delete service , we can also offer Immobiliser cloning for replacement 2nd hand ECUs .
This service is invaluable to anyone who needs to replace an original faulty ECU . Similar ECUs can be cloned with identical immobiliser data therefore no need to replace many other immobiliser coded modules such as BSIs , BCMs , keys , speedo clocks etc.

All that’s required is your original ECU & good working 2ND hand ECU . send both units to us and we can code within 24hrs and return to you .

For all enquiries  fill the form.
We shall reply will an cost estimate to repair the fault and turnaround time .

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