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Airbag Modules ( ECUs )

Airbag Modules ( ECUs )

  • Airbag Warning Light Problems
  • Does your vehicle display an airbag warning light ?
  • Does your vehicle display a message “ Airbag Malfunction “ or “ SRS Restraints “ ?
  • Is your vehicle due an NCT test soon ?

If so , we can help

With vehicle NCT/ DOE legislation now including the correct function of the airbag warning light as part of the NCT / DOE test, many vehicle owners are having to find affordable solutions for airbag light problems & airbag faults.

We can run a full diagnostic scan on your vehicle to determine where exactly the fault lies and advise on a repair solution , although we do not carry all repairs ourselves , we can advise you on the fastest and most economical repair for your vehicle

Airbag Crash Data Removal

Crash data is recorded in the memory of an airbag module after an impact has been detected. This data will contain information relating to the accident or airbag deployment event. Modules may record data such as vehicle occupancy, fastened seatbelts, lights function, vehicle speed, braking speed or deceleration, point of impact, severity of impact & which airbag components were deployed like airbags and seat belt pre-tensioners amongst other data depending on vehicle manufacturer. In most modules this data is hard written so that it cannot be erased by normal diagnostic equipment as it may be data that is required by the vehicle repairer or for investigation purposes. The fact that the crash data is hard written is what locks the airbag module and renders it un-useable which is why the only option used to be to replace the module at hundreds of euros

However, with bench programming systems and software, the crash data can be removed from airbag modules restoring them to there pre-accident factory condition and allowing them to be re-used rather than buying a new module.

We offer crash data removal and airbag module resetting services for most airbag modules on the market .you can simply post your original module for repair at a fraction of the cost of a new unit and re-use it when repairing your vehicle. This service is ideal for bodyshops, vehicle repairiers and clients involved in the repair of autosalvage where budgets are tight.

Also , we can copy / clone original specific coding details from one unit to another .

Many airbag ECUs now contain the vehicles VIN number in the software coding .We can transfer this unique data from original to 2ndhand , therefore allowing a 2nd hand unit fully working in another vehicle .

Most airbag ECUs can be reset within 24hrs and returned to you ready to be refitted to vehicle .

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