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Latest News

Toyota Avensis Climate Control repair

Toyota Avensis Climate Control Repair ! we can repair these CC units when they fail to operate correctly . faults are erractic temp & blower control . function of rotary control dials are slow and unresponsive . just remove & send to us !

Nissan CD unit post repair ….

Nissan CD unit as it will be returned to you ... LCD working 100%

Nissan Radio unit LCD repair

we can now repair all Nissan CD units with display faults same as pic attached . these units LCD tends to fade as they warm up . complete replacement of unit was only solution ……...until NOW ! we can repair  100% ……...just like a new unit . call us today should you need yours

speedometer repairs

we specialise in all speedometer repairs . no gauges no lights no mileage airbag / abs / em lights staying on lights flickering etc call us today with your fault details .........

Audi A6 C6 ignition repair

AUDI A6 C6   2004 - 2009 we can repair these ignition systems . faults are usually failure to remove steering lock , failure to remove key and no start . can repair with 24-48hrs saving you on expensisve replacement ignition system . call us today ..........

DPF Delete remapping

We specialise in all DPF post removal remapping . this is the permanent solution for ongoing DPF issues . if your vehicle displays any DPF warning lights , loses power or continuously requires the DPF to be cleaned manually us today for advice . we do not remove the DPF ourselves

Car Audio Facia Kits

  Thinking of upgrading your audio unit ? We

Airbag Warning Light on ?

if your vehicle is displaying this warning will fail your NCT . we can help by diagnosing where the fault lies and assisting you in repair options .  

Saab SID radio display repair

We still see many of these ............ Saab 93 & 95 models with common radio display failure . We also repair the digital Climate Control module on these .

Renault Laguna & Megane keycard repair

do you have to following keycard issues : " CARD NOT DETECTED " MESSAGE NOT OPENING / CLOSING " REPLACE CARD BATTERY "  MESSAGE if so , call us today . we can repair you keycard within 40-50 mins ..........or 24hrs by post . we can also code in NEW KEYCARDS about 50%  cheaper than dealers