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About Us

Established in 1997, KC Systems has continuously been Munster’s Leading automotive electronic repair & tuning centre . We have seen many changes over the years in the motor industry and are constantly researching, developing and assisting consumers with their motoring needs.

We offer a full in Car Audio Repair and Recode service on all leading manufacturers brands. Our experience on OEM car audio is well established within the motor trade as we work on units new and old.

Our “Turbo Tuning” division is ECU remapping at its best. Using the very latest tuning technology we can enhance your vehicles performance to unimaginable levels, your BHP and torque will be increased by up to 30% giving you greater driveability, improved m.p.g. and safer overtaking. A must for all Turbo Diesel Drivers.

We also specialise in Digital Speedometer repairs . These units have common faults within all car manufacturers and can be very expensive to replace therefore repair of these can be a far more cost effective option.

Ignition keys and keycards (Renault) have given customers numerous headaches over the years as the remote locking and unlocking functions fail, yet again KC Systems can offer a full repair on most keys and keycards without the need to re-program ensuring minimum inconvenience to the waiting customer.
ECU failure is seen by most garages daily and we offer an ECU immobilizer & cloning service which assists the replacement of 2nd hand ECUs

Diesel Particular filters ( DPF/FAP ) designed to remove soot from the exhaust gases of diesel vehicles can give a lot of issues . We can offer an invaluable post removal DPF/FAP Delete software remap which is the permanent solution to DPF related issues .
Within the crash repair / bodyshop industry we offer an Airbag ECU reset / clearing service .here , original Airbag ECUs are reset to their pre-impact condition ……….again saving time & money on expensive replacments

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